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    VW T3 Specialists

    Benelux #1 Gearbox & WBX Specialist for all your upgrades & revisions

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    VW T3 Engine Services

    Specialized in T3 WBX Engines & our special build 2450cc MHi WBX

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    VW T3 Gearbox Service

    We are specialized in all T3 gearboxes, also Syncro

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    T3 Inspection Service

    Inspection service on 250 points for your purchase, sales & valuation

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    VW T3 Electrical Service

    happy camping with a hassle free electrical system

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    VW T3 service

    Stainless steel exhaust systems made to order

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    VW T3 Camper Service

    If it’s attached to, belong to, or part of your T3, we can fix or update it for you, no problem

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    VW T3 service

    We are the T3 specialists, personal 1 to 1 service, open workshop, visitors welcome. We speak English maar ook Nederlands

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Specialized in VW T3, Campers, Syncro, WBX engines & T3 gearboxes

Why Dream & Drive?

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An introduction from the heart of Dream & Drive

As with everything, there is change, Dream & Drive is developing.
We started our path in 2012/13 with the concept of hiring our fleet of 6 beautiful Westfalias, all going in different directions.

Over the past 12 years, we have grown. Starting in our cave on Java Eiland we have now moved to Amsterdam Noord, a heavenly location right on the water.
As much as I loved the ‘hiring holiday adventure story’, the technical demands were growing & something new was developing.

From 2020 on we have ventured away from our hire business & are concentrating on the technical sides of the T3, in particular the notorious (but fabulous) WBX Engines & of course, right behind them, the whole orchestra of gearboxes that speeds us along.

Regarding Engines, I love the WBX (water boxer engine). It’s totally unique & really rather special.
I hope this doesn’t offend any of the Diesel lovers out there, but truly, diesels are not my field.
The WBX to me is like a Brazilian love affair, difficult but equally rewarding.
We are also building the only WBX 2.5 engine (in numbers). This is a concept that has come out of the USA & is an amazing upgrade to the original 2.1WBX. There’s quite a story behind this venture which hopefully I will write about later on the website.

Right behind the engine of course are the Gearboxes. Whether mastered by a WBX or a diesel, the gearboxes are an entity to themselves & we fix, restore and rebuild them all. This is work we also thoroughly enjoy, in particular the Syncro group of gearboxes (apparently I do thrive on complication).
All of our work, be it on engines or gearboxes, is carried out with the same love & detail. We are now venturing into the restoration of bodywork as well.

And personally about me (Mark), well, it might be a tad difficult for some to understand how an Englishman, who started life with Aston Martin/Jaguar ended up in Amsterdam repairing & developing engines/gearboxes for the T3. But fact is fact, this is what has happened.
I took a break from 1995 to 2011 to follow my other passion (Zen & Reiki), but finally returned to the workshop to carry on with my engineering work.
Life is funny.

Finally on this introduction, Dream & Drive is about love, about details & about a shared interest.
T3s in principal stays the same, but the customers (that’s you) are all unique. This is where for me, my two worlds come together as one. Zen & The Art of the T3.

I hope you enjoy our latest update of this website, also made with the same love and sentiment as before. You are invited.

Mark Pluygers,





  Meet Team Dream & Drive...

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Mark H. Pluygers
Ms. Oslofjordweg 20
1033SM Amsterdam

Phone: 020 7372654
International :+31 20 7372654
Email: info@dream-drive.nl



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We specialize in T3s only so we guarantee our work as good. We do our very best but cannot promise the impossible. Look here for our warranty.

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