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General Services

Now the stories get much shorter.
Remember, that your T3 is a machine, a very sophisticated one, even though it might be over 30 years old. Maintenance is the key factor to motoring pleasure, especially in a T3.
If it rattles, smokes, drips or misses something, there’s a good chance that once you start to drive long kilometres, that problem is going to go wrong, fast.
Don’t be caught out!
Roadside problems are not fun, even in a T3, especially when your dream location is in Norway or Italy.
Roadside camping isn’t fun, so try to avoid these situations by a bit of foresight.

2.5wbx 6226Maintenance is the key factor...@ Dream & Drive we also have a general services department.
This is what we do:

  • We can do all service work on your T3
  • We arrange APK inspections and repairs as necessary
  • We carry out a 60 point inspection ’before you travel'


We are offering a proper job

Once per year, you should have your T3 serviced. We have a comprehensive service sheet that is completely written for the T3. We wrote it.
Because of our extensive knowledge about the T3, (we do not do T2’s or T4’s,), we like to pride ourselves in knowing almost all the ghosts that can appear. Like everything else we do (the wbx & the gearboxes), we do this with love and pride. We are not offering a cheap solution, that is not our style, we are offering a proper job. Money well spend on getting things right. A well loved and maintained T3 will last another 20 years if our governments don’t crush them. Not much chance of that I am pleased to say, but some will always try.2.5wbx 6342Service your VW T3 on time!
Anyway, look after your T3 and in return it will give you years of pleasure and empty pockets.

T3 APK service

Sooner or later you will need an APK. We know exactly what is allowed, what is not. There is no guessing games offered, our APK services are designed to be safety first.
There is no compromise on safety with us, none. Brakes must work, so must seat belts, light, mirrors and all the things that actually matter...

2.5wbx 7520We take care of servicing your VW T3

Before you travel...

So you’ve packed your beloved T3 with your holiday dreams and off you go. 200 kms later things start to go wrong. Why? The chances are you didn’t have everything checked before you went. Now we can not guarantee that a T3 of some 30 years old will not have problems, but there are at least 60 points that can be checked before you pack things in your van.
If there is something wrong, such as a bad cooling pipe, something amiss with the brakes or that exhaust is leaking, we will find it and you will know well in advance. It gives you a much bigger chance of enjoying your dream and drive holiday.
Don’t miss this vital point.

That’s it for the General Services.

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We specialize in T3s only so we guarantee our work as good. We do our very best but cannot promise the impossible. Look here for our warranty.

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