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VW T3 electrical service

It always amazes me how everyone is so busy with their T3, accept for the ‘Electrical Bits’. it seems to be an grey area. Bit like tooth ache, you hope the problem might just go away.

Allow me to expand a bit. Almost all of you have fitted a radio in one time, or some extra lamps, or something to warm you up. For sure, you’ve plugged something in somewhere hoping for the best.

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Some old tape...

A bit of wire here, a connector there, a bit of old tape you found in the loft and...........?, well.
Chances are that in the life of your T3, 10 other people have had the same idea. To almost all our customers, T3 Electrics are a sort of 'game of chance'
It either works, or it doesn’t and god knows what to do when the fuses start blowing.
Worst case scenario, smoke!

Happy Camping...

The sheer amount of happy camping in the pitch dark because strange things start to happen when you plug in or plug out is amazing, I can write books of fun. Seriously, the electrical side of your T3 is the nerve centre, where the engine is the heart.
Now we might be talking 1980’s technology but the wiring system even then was quite complex and most of your beloved T3’s are held together with ‘good luck’.
That’s fine until something or everything starts to go wrong. What to do?

VW electric service

Properly and Tidily

No problem, we can fix this for you, BUT, please be aware, this is a very expensive task and there is no way of knowing where to begin or sometimes end. Complicated is the right word here.
Almost everything on your T3 is easy to fix, but the electrical system for it’s 25 years of people ‘tampering’ can end up a huge task.
And please be aware, if something doesn’t work, it’s probably been wired up backwards. We are here to help.
In the end, there is only one way to sort these problems out and that is to do the job properly and tidily. As said, we are happy to help.

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