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T 3 Inspection Services

You won’t be the first person to have a dream about owning a T3 and hopefully, not the last.
The various T3s to us are fairly standard, our customers (that’s you) are in fact unique, all of you.
And of course, we are here to work with fusion, a loving mix between both ideas, you and your chosen T3.
Now in the case of most ‘garage’ websites, we could burst into functional reason, blasting you with facts,
but as this whole idea of owning a T3 comes from the heart, lets start there!

werkplaats 8059What is to be avoided is the drama!

Nothing wrong with a dream, but what is to be avoided is the drama.
With far too much experience in the T3 world (yes I'm getting old), we know these VWs very well.
And with 7 years of Zen training, I’ve got an idea about you too, so "breathe".
Anyway, we put the two together and have created the "Inspection Service".

We know exactly what we are looking at!

It works a bit like this, we get in contact, one way or other.
You are either planning or have already bought a T3, but need to know a bit more about what you are doing/buying or have got.
I can’t imagine how anyone would go driving into a dark tunnel without decent lights, but this happens, Hopefully, we are here in time to stop a crash.
You bring your T3 to us, or indeed we can come to you and we carry out a thorough inspection of your Volkswagen.
Because we know these gems so well, we know exactly what we are looking at; I mean, exactly.
There isn’t much in a T3 we don’t know about, but for sure, with the greatest of respect, a heck of a lot more than anyone else knows. So, this whole inspection takes about 3 hours in total.
We start at the back (cause that’s where the engine is) and work our way forwards. Hopefully in all of this, you are standing by our side, so we can explain everything to you, piece by piece. This of course is not only a verbal exchange (with coffee), but written. Yes, we have a check list, actually some 250 points on it.

werkplaats 55You get to know your T3 thoroughly

So at the end, several things have happened. Firstly, you get to know your T3 thoroughly; secondly, you get to know yourself, and last (but least) you get to know us.

And to polish this whole story off, you get a written report (hand written, no digital stuff here) to take home with you and maybe an estimate of costs too.
You will leave knowing everything for sure about your T3. The average cost is about 3 hours for a 2WD and 3.5 hours on a Syncro; our rates are €75 per hour ex BTW (VAT) /  €90,75 incl BTW.  

Again, this is an estimate, but fairly accurate. 
Actually a small price to pay for a serious inburgerings-course in T3’s.

In short, before you buy a T3, pass the information to us, or if you have one already, let's take a good look and see what is going on with your beloved Volkswagen.
It’s the exact opposite of human nature, buy from the mind, not the heart!
And, if you have decided to buy your T3 after the report, there’s a very good chance we can fix all the problems for you (if any?).
Well, we can dream.

Give us a call, you are most welcome.

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