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Dream & Drive, Specialized in VW T3, Campers, Gearboxes & WBX Engines

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What else do we do?

divers 7101Our specialties go as far as Fridges, Central Heating, Lighting & all the rest of the electrical mumbo-jumbo that you might find in a T3.
If your fridge refuses to cool your wine, chances are we can fix that for you.
Ssame goes for the old central heating systems, most can be fixed or updated to a later reliable system.


Gas & LPG

We do Gas & LPG too. Again, because we only do T3’s, we are pretty good at these systems too.
If it smells, switch off the gas & call us!

divers 6909

Coachwork, Canvasas, Awnings and Tents.

If it’s attached to, belong to, or part of your T3, we’ll fix that for you too, no problem.

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Phone: 020 7372654
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Guaranteed Good

We specialize in T3s only so we guarantee our work as good. We do our very best but cannot promise the impossible. Look here for our warranty.

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