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Dream & Drive, Specialized in VW T3, Campers, Gearboxes & WBX Engines

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Dream & Drive VW classics service

Do you experience problems with your VW T3 or T2 gearbox? Or have troubles with your T3 WBX engine? Perhaps wonder if that second-hand engine or gearbox is okay? Dream & Drive can answer all those questions for you!

Pleased to meet you, my name is Mark. Me and my team have more than 40 years of experience with classic cars, starting with the likes of Aston-Martin and Jaguar Classic Racing (UK). However, VW T3s are my Passion & Pride. My shop, Dream & Drive, is specialized in maintenance and repairs of just about every T3 that is on the road. It holds no secrets for us!

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What can Dream & Drive do for you?

  • You experience problems with VW T3 or T2 gearbox, a T3 WBX engine or the T3/T2 air cooled engine. We will find the cause and repair it on the spot, if possible. You can watch as we work on the machine, you might even learn something! However, as this is usually not a 10-minute fix you must make an appointment first.
  • Restoration, maintenance or repairs; upgrades or modifications of your T3/T2 gearbox. Conversion to high ratio gearboxes (lower RPM at high speed) which are a big improvement if you have a 1.9TD or 2.1 iWBX engine.
  • Gearbox replacement: you hand in your old gearbox and receive a complety restored one! Checked back to front with new bearings, synchro rings, clips, seals and gaskets. Like new!
  • T3 Syncro gearbox; maintenance, inspection, repairs, restorations and upgrades.
  • Specializes in the restoration and repairs of T3 WBX 1.9 and 2.1 liter engines.
  • Starter motor and electrical services; we are also specialized in fridges, central heating, internal lights; anything that has a wire or hose coming out, we will install it.
  • Advice, inspection and valuation if you considering buying a T3 bus or camper, gearbox or WBX engine.

We guarantee our work!

Dream & Drive is sure to fix your problem! We even guarantee our work but of course we cannot promise the impossible, so check out our terms and conditions.
We also advertise on Marktplaats so check that out as well.
Certificate of guarantee for our gearboxes
Certificate of guarantee for our water- and aircooled engines.

Contact us

You can always call us on 020-7372654 (+31-20-7372654 from outside the Nehterlands), or pay us a visit at our workshop at Ms. Oslofjordweg, 20, 1033 SM in Amsterdam. Note: paid parking only! If you come by car please make sure you register with the closest parking meter, and yes they do check frequently!

We are sometimes very busy so if we cannot answer your phone, send us an email at Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


We accept cash, most European bank cards, creditcards and PayPal. There is however a 4% surcharge for Visa/Mastercard and PayPal.

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Mark H. Pluygers
Ms. Oslofjordweg 20
1033SM Amsterdam

Phone: 020 7372654
International :+31 20 7372654



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Guaranteed Good

We specialize in T3s only so we guarantee our work as good. We do our very best but cannot promise the impossible. Look here for our warranty.

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