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Dream & Drive, Specialized in VW T3, Campers, Gearboxes & WBX Engines

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Greetings, I'm Mark

I guess the owner & connector, a crazy Englishman who’s life has become T3 as a Zen Master. There’s a book to be written, if only I ever had the time... It’s a demanding job for sure. I love my 'storm-troopers' as I call them. Everyone you will read about has mysteriously arrived at D&D and I am proud of my family, because that is what we are.
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Hey, I’m Marko. Behind all the mechanical knowledge, I’m the guy who runs the administration. This is a very, very important part of our company, as is the planning and Mark & our team are very happy with the way this all works out. There is a huge amount of complication in our work and it is my job to sort it all out and make it work. From writing & paying bills, to VAT (BTW), to sourcing impossible to find parts, it all ends up on my desk!. Yup, it’s a challenge, but I’ve got a good grip on it. So, that’s me, Marko, the Administration Manager @ Dream & Drive. You are welcome!
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Ho! I’m Bernie, probably one of the closest professionals to Mark. We as "The Seniors” or often referred to as the two grumpy old men! We work together, drink a beer, Mark likes the strong stuff (can’t say no to that after work), but we still work on, brainstorming. Nice place to work too. I live on a houseboat on NDSM, so nice & relaxed.

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How are you doing!

I’m the balancer around here, male, female etc. Meeting Mark, I fell in love, not with him, but with the whole technical side of gearboxes and now the notorious WBX engine. I love complication, so I’ve taken it all on, automatic gearboxes too! Mark & I also share a few things besides work, we talk about our respective loves, we all have T3s and Mark & I  both have children! Like everyone in our team, we all love working here, it’s really chilled and thanks to Marko, quite well organised.
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Good morning!

I guess I am in one way the newest member of the D&D team, but we’ve been friends and neighbours for years. Mark & I have always been good mates, we drink, we gossip, we chat. We don’t understand each other either, cause I’m a Citroën Man and he’s VW? Agh, sometimes in life, you have to step down lol. D&D is growing and as we all get on so well together, we’ve kind of teamed up and my garage next door to Mark and it is much bigger than his lol (but full of VWs).

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I've grown up with D&D since a long time. They tease me sometimes or refer to me as Neil from the "young-ones", but the joke often ends up on them. I keep my brains safely hidden away and then suddenly I demolish them with my wisdom! I can build driveshafts, while Mark looks on. I'm the man behind all those painted engines and gearboxes. He has taught me that it's all in the details and that's very true. I think Mark is a super cool boss, he's a decent bloke and I love D&D. Marko is super cool too, so we team up a lot.



Our welder (alongside Richard)

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T3 specialist, making all the special tools we need

web electricians

Ed & Ott

Our residential electricians



I’m a T3 nut & I fly & film with Drones. I’ve flown drones all over the place and buzzed one tiny drone right through the centre of D&D. Mark was horrified as my tiny drone wizzed its way around his workshop. We are going to dedicate a page in our website for the action shots, interviews & some fun stuff. Pauline is my sweet wife, who works alongside Mark and Bernie. Yup, we are a family indeed! They include me too. Cooooool.



I creep in like a cat, they don't always notice me. To be honest, this wasn't what I expected and now I love it! Mark wants D&D like a Zendo, so I clean the place 3 to 4 times a week. Mark loves me, he's so happy when I turn up and sometimes I really need to take a deep breath. I've been around long enough now to 'handle the team' out of my way and clean up from what I can see was very, very busy day. I'm becoming quite an expert on cars too, well T3s anyway. I also look after Mark & Marko's home equally as well organized. Mark's passion for views over the water is apparent. I love my job with the team and feel deeply appreciated which isn't bad for any job!

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As Mark pointed out, everybody at D&D arrives at the shop in mysterious ways. So one day some weird English bloke stood on my doorstep, laptop in hand, and demanded I do something about his website. Well, how can I refuse that? So now I've been dragged into this madhouse as "the IT guy" and I hope I survive with my wits. Other than that, I think it's a cool job and glad to be part of the team. By the way, did you know I ride a motorcycle and never touched a steering wheel in my life?!

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