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T3 Valuation and Security

It is something that is often forgotten, but the VW T3 is a classic vehicle that is increasing in value at quite a fast rate. Particularely when dealing with Dream & Drive, in having for example a new engine, or major restoration works carried out by us, it is essential that when the work is completed you have an official valuation report to reflect the investment in your van. This is done by an indepedant company and proves the value of your van in the unfortunate case of an insurance claim, e.g. after an accident, fire or theft. Furthermore Dream & Drive are agents for Bearlock, which is in our opinion one of the best options to prevent your beloved T3 from being stolen. Our valuation reports are accepted by most insurance companies and are valid for three years. Added to this we issue certificates for all new engines, gearboxes, Bearlocks and Blazecuts.

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