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WBX 2.5 MHi  "Special Build".

We are building the ultimate WBX motor here in Amsterdam. Developed in the USA by GW, we have been to their workshops and tested this magnificent vw boxer motor.
Many modifications carried out to make this The Engine
If you are interested, please come along and discuss the potential of this project. We have build several now and one for these 2.5wbx's is in our own T3 Westfalia to test drive. You will be welcome to try it too. Be warned! You'll fall in love. Sooooo gooooood  IMG 6947

Driving the WBX is terrific! Everything our WBX already has, but with loads more torque & grunt. Makes you smile, especially if you have a Syncro or a light van and add one of our custom made Stainless Steel exhausts just to finish it perfectly.

So, why dream and never drive? Why spend SO much time on a Subaru conversions (and the enormous amount of hasles/costs involved), when you can use a genuine WBX motor & not only maintain the value of your bus, but significantly increase it. You'll be driving it finished in just a few weeks.
It's a 'keep it simple' total plug and play option with 3 years guarantee and service plan included. Full details of guarantee conditionsSo to cap, a perfect upgrade pushing your T3 into the modern world, a three years guarantee service plan, no dreams and a perfect drive. Yes it's not for free but it's real & it makes you smile every time you drive.
The 2.5-WBX is perfect for your T3 two wheel drive or T3 Syncro.

2.5wbx 2.5wbx 2

Built with love, built with passion, signed & personal

2450cc MHi WBX Original Engine

    • 9.4:1 compression, with 130 bhp & 155 ft.lbs torque
    • new build engine, complete & modified
    • new parts supplied from the USA, DE, UK & NL, very best quality materials
    • we are the only builders in Europe  here in Amsterdam
    • complete photographic history supplied, a certificate of authenticity
    • guarantee for 36 months, unlimited kilometers
    • yearly service contract
    • new polished and tuned (stg 1) cylinder heads. ACR
    • much more room for tuning, but we are happy with this
    • restructured case
    • stainless steel parts replace steel
    • HD oil pump
    • HD hydraulic lifters
    • lighweight racing pistons, seals
    • large bored cylinders
    • counter weighted & polished, super smooth results
    • new 84.5mm stroke balanced crankshaft
    • upgraded camshaft, adds more torque & power
    • flywheel assembled, shims & seals
    • distributor timings shaft set
    • new waterpump
    • new stainless steel piping
    • new oil cooler
    • new valve covers
    • copper head gaskets

€8,250 ex btw (plus BTW or export tax free), part exchange basis
€1250 supplement for 1.9 upgrade
Build time... 4 weeks delivered
Fitting services available too
Big tuning potential if you really wanted it

PS: don't forget to add one of our Royal Blue gearboxes to perfect the finish, (and all still original T3).
Great cruising for all you 2WD T3's. 120kmh = 2900rpm with power to spare! Cooool.

2.5wbx 472.5wbx 66802.5wbx 85712.5wbx 9241

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