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Dream & Drive, Specialized in VW T3, Campers, Gearboxes & WBX Engines

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A question that might pop up is, why would I choose Dream & Drive, struggle in English & go to Amsterdam?
Now those are three different questions, so firstly, I am going to answer them, then we can have some more fun.

Why Choose Dream & Drive?

werkplaats 9126As I was ‘wading’ through a local friendly garage this morning, a smile appeared on my lips.
Our Garage is so nice, not only as a garage but as a location & style. You wouldn’t class Dream & Drive in a way you might see some other T3’s places.
This is probably because we only do T3’s and most places have a go at T1, 2’s 3’s 4’s and the odd Ford Escort etc.

This is NOT Dream and Drive. We are solely dedicated to the T3.
This is our passion & of course as you probably already know, we are seriously involved in the fabulous WBX motors and Gearboxes. These are our main focus.

So, why choose us....., because we really do have the knowledge & experience.
And what we do is good, really good.

Why struggle in English?

Ha Ha. There is a very big story attached to this, but lets say, you are all much better in English than I will ever be or imagine to be in Dutch. But if I have to, I can do. I did all my exams, became Dutch many years ago only to be constantly corrected because I made mistakes. Conversations stopped, lessons started and the whole thing was ugly.

web 9390My team are all very Dutch so if you don’t want to struggle in English with me, just talk to any of them. They have my knowledge and your language. And of course you can write al your emails to us in Dutch, or in English if you prefer that.
So another problem solved.

Coming to Amsterdam

When I told my friends and family I was moving to Amsterdam in 1995, they thought I was crazy, which of course is right. Now it's 21 years later. Amsterdam is a fabulous city & every year it gets more and more beautiful.
We’ve placed Dream & Drive on the water (of course) in the NDSM area .
You not only get to be amongst your beloved T3’s, the location is super, next to Central Station & so there are 100 possibilities to come & go. Long gone are the dark days of the 1970’s-1990’s, long gone. Now Amsterdam is without doubt one of the finest cities in the word.
Dream & Drive is right in the middle of it in Amsterdam North.
Easy access, easy parking (but please remember to pay), fresh air and great views.

Dream & Drive werkplaats

wij zijn open van maandag t/m vrijdag van 9.00 - 17.00 en op zaterdag van 10.00 - 15.00

buiten de openingstijden welkom op afspraak
U kunt ons ook in het Nederlands bellen of mailen, geen probleem.

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Mark H. Pluygers
Ms. Oslofjordweg 20
1033SM Amsterdam

Tel: 020 7372654
buiten NL :+31 20 7372654

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