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    VW T3 Specialists

    Benelux #1 Gearbox & WBX Specialist for all your upgrades & revisions

    Miss Saigon
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    VW T3 Engine Services

    Specialized in T3 WBX Engines & our special build 2450cc MHi WBX

    WBX 2450cc MHi
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    VW T3 Gearbox Service

    We are specialized in all T3 gearboxes, also Syncro

    Our Royal Box
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    T3 Inspection Service

    Inspection service on 250 points for your purchase, sales & valuation

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    VW T3 Electrical Service

    happy camping with a hassle free electrical system

    Mrs. Satsang
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    VW T3 service

    Stainless steel exhaust systems made to order

    Stainless Steel Exhaust
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    VW T3 Camper Service

    If it’s attached to, belong to, or part of your T3, we can fix or update it for you, no problem

    Ms. Sapphire
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    VW T3 service

    We are the T3 specialists, personal 1 to 1 service, open workshop, visitors welcome. We speak English maar ook Nederlands

    2.1 WBX DJ

Specialized in VW T3, Campers, Syncro, WBX engines & T3 gearboxes

Why Dream & Drive?

We Are Us

We keep things simple

We Listen

Familiarity, easy solutions

We Know

T3 is our world, we live it

We Create

Improving the T3

We Build

2.5 WBX is amazing

We Have Solutions

Extensive Knowledge

We Talk

Come & Enjoy

We Are You

The same family

An introduction from the heart of Dream & Drive

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Mark H. Pluygers
Ms. Oslofjordweg 20
1033SM Amsterdam

Phone: 020 7372654
International :+31 20 7372654
Email: info@dream-drive.nl



Locatie Dream & Drive Amsterdam

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Our Services

  • T3 Service Specialists
  • T3 Inspection Specialists
  • APK/MOT Services
  • WBX Specialists
  • T3 Gearbox Specialists
  • T3 Syncro Specialists
  • T3 Electrical Specalists
  • T3 Restoration Specialists
  • T3 Sales

Guaranteed Good

We specialize in T3s only so we guarantee our work as good. We do our very best but cannot promise the impossible. Look here for our warranty.

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