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Greetings. I hope you have enjoyed our Website. 
It's the start of our new 2018 season with already loads of things going on. 

  • When you take your T3 for her first run, don't forget to check the following point.
  • Check the Engine Oil and make sure it is on the top mark on the dip stick. (peilstok). 
  • Check the main water tank (under the lid to the left hand side) and make sure it is full to the brim. Always use the correct coolant.
  • Check the water tank behind the number plate and make sure that that is also full to the maximum line, again, using the correct coolant. 
  • (Oil should be 15w/40 mineral oil) (cooling should be SP11 (blue) or SP12 (Pink).. Check the battery if full and then you are ready to start. 
  • The engine might make ticking noises for the first 20 Kms, this is normal in some cases. It it continues, contact us asap. 

Have fun, we are only a telephone call away if you have any questions You are welcome. 




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Mark Pluygers

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